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Shotton Parmed is a division of the Shotton Group Pty Ltd, a family business that is completely Australian owned. Shotton Parmed manufactures, supplies and services equipment for the autopsy, laboratory and mortuary markets. Our products and equipment are manufactured locally in our own facility in Dandenong South, Victoria with a small percentage of speciality goods imported from England.

Our customers include Hospitals, Universities, Funeral homes and anywhere there are mortuaries or a need to care for the deceased.

Shotton Parmed’s range of products include – down draft systems, autopsy tables, various types of benching, body trays, racking systems, lift and tilt trolleys and various other mortuary trolleys, mortuary body transport lifters, concealment systems, disaster recovery mortuary refrigeration and storage systems, Cuddle Cots and Cover Cools for excess cool storage solutions. We also offer tailored designs and bespoke solutions depending on customer requirements.

Customisations and Bespoke Designs
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With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Shotton Parmed is not only an equipment manufacturer with a large range of products, we provide bespoke solutions ranging from full mortuary and cool room designs and fitouts to custom tailor made mortuary and laboratory equipment.

Shotton Group has 5 facilities totalling around 7,000 square meters and recently invested in $2.5 million of new state of the art equipment that has brought the company to be at the forefront of the industry and increased its capabilities and capacity.

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