Portable Body Storage – AIRCOOL 12

12 Body Storage

  • Total unit dimensions: 2185mm x 1960mm x 2070mm depth (excluding air conditioning unit)
  • Fully rollered racks – bodies can be slipped easily into place using the body boards
  • Racking rollers are equipped with stops at the end to prevent body boards getting pushed too far
  • The bottom rack placed 40cm off the floor. This makes the system fully compatible with current body transportation trolleys.


Lightweight insulation covers. Easy to assemble and carry:

  • This insulation is the most thermally efficient insulation of its type in the world.
  • All insulation covers are attached using Velcro. Zips have been eliminated due to 3 reasons:
    • Zips can fail and snag and if zips cannot be fastened then the unit would not efficiently cool bodies due to loss of insulation
    • Even if a stone gets caught in the hook and loop (Velcro) insulation covers these covers can still fit together
    • Zips cannot be insulated and therefore lose heat thus they are thermally less efficient than Velcro
  • 12 x A4 document clear wallets situated on the doors to enable documentation on the deceased to be stored easily
  • Total weight – 367kg
  • OPTION – AIRCOOL 24 – 24 capacity storage

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