COVERCOOL MINI 170 Portable Storage

Light, FLexible and portable and will cool a body anywhere

CoverCool™ revolutionises cooling and allows you to cool and store bodies anywhere without the need for cold rooms, air conditioners or mortuary fridges. CoverCool™ consists of a small cooling unit which circulates fluid through a cooling pad which is placed on top of the body.

Tested in University Medical facilities and used by hospices, funeral directors and hospitals, the CoverCool™ Mini mobile cooling system can cool a deceased infant, child, or adult on a bed, trolley, in a coffin (as shown).

Covercool’s insulated cover can simply be placed over the deceased providing longer term single body storage.


The mobile CoverCool™ cools the body without the need for traditional purpose built refrigeration or cold rooms. Furthermore, unlike refrigerated beds or coffin coolers it is extremely light, portable, flexible and does not ice.

Furthermore, unlike mortuary refrigerators, CoverCool is only switched on when required.


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