CuddleCot™ & Shnuggle Basket

CuddleCot™ Features


  • Small at just 27cm x 23cm x 13cms
  • Light (control unit is 3.8kgs)
  • Portable – comes in a storage case
  • Flexible as can cool in any Schnuggle basket, moses basket, cot etc.
  • Whisper quiet
The Shnuggle Moses Basket

The CuddleCot™ is designed to be used with the specially adapted Shnuggle™ moses basket which is provided exclusively by Flexmort.

The baskets have been specially molded to accommodate the cooling pad and hose and provide hospitals with an easy to clean moses baskets thereby reducing any infection control concerns.

The CuddleCot™ system cools the baby in situ allowing the baby to remain with the family thereby providing the family time they want. The CuddleCot™ cooling pad is placed in any moses basket, crib, pram or bed; it is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot™ cooling unit. The CuddleCot™ system comes in its own carry case with different size cooling pads for premature and full term babies.

The benefits of using the CuddleCot™ system in helping a family deal with bereavement are widely accepted across the globe and the system is in worldwide use across maternity departments and children’s hospices e.g United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the US.

The CuddleCot has also passed rigorous hospital infection control standards on all aspects of the equipment and the CuddleCot
is also designed to reduce the risks of microbial growth within the system.