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Store and easily transfer bodies from racks to trolleys, PM stations, embalming and even viewing rooms and back to racks on one tray.


The One-Tray system was first implemented by Hendicare (now Shotton Parmed) in Australia over 35 years ago with the intention of eliminating as much effort involved as possible, with manual Body Transfer across work surfaces. This concept has been in use at many institutions all over Australia, but primarily in Forensic centres.


The body remains on the same tray throughout all procedures in the institution, with transfer to and from the autopsy/viewing/embalming station affected simply and quickly using a Lifter trolley. If it is a case of retrieval from the ward, the Lifter is often sent up to the ward with an empty tray on to which the Body is transferred.


The key principle behind the One-Tray system is the Body tray. This tray is designed, not only to store the Body, but also provide a stable work platform for procedures performed on the same body, including autopsies, dissection and embalming. The tray has features built in that optimises fluid drainage, and also access to the body.


The ParMED One-Tray System is purpose designed to eliminate debilitating physical effort, repeated body transfers, and unsafe handling using your body to exert force to lift, lower, push and pull while transferring Bodies.


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With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Shotton Parmed is not only an equipment manufacturer with a large range of products, we provide bespoke solutions ranging from full mortuary and cool room designs and fitouts to custom tailor made mortuary and laboratory equipment.

Shotton Group has 5 facilities totalling around 7,000 square meters and recently invested in $2.5 million of new state of the art equipment that has brought the company to be at the forefront of the industry and increased its capabilities and capacity.

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